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Ambulatory Surgery Center


Ambulatory Surgery Center

Puyallup Ambulatory Surgery Center(PASC) is located in the same building and on the same floor as our main offices. We are able to perform nearly all of our day surgeries at PASC, to provide for the added convenience of being able to avoid the additional paperwork and costs that happen with a visit to the hospital.

“Comforting, Affordable, Quality Care Conveniently Close to Home”

Outpatient surgery at Puyallup Surgical Associates is a safe quality alternative to hospital-based surgery and is specifically designed to be comfortable and convenient. The high level of care provided within the relaxed surroundings makes your experience safe and less stressful.


The safety and comfort of our patients are our primary concern. The operating and procedure rooms are equipped to provide safe, expert care in a pleasant environment. Our multidisciplinary team comprised of physicians, nurses and technicians has expertise in the most advanced surgical technologies. Our state of the art equipment allows us to monitor patient’s progress throughout surgery or procedure.

Often relatively healthy patients need simple surgical operations that don’t require an expensive hospital stay. The safety and efficiency of ambulatory surgery centers have gained approval from insurance companies and government health agencies including Medicare.


PSC features a comfortable atmosphere designed to make patients feel at ease. Our caring staff specializes in making the patient experience as pleasant as possible.


We take pride in having an excellent reputation in the community among physicians and patients. We consistently receive high marks from patient satisfaction surveys.


We are located across from the Good Samaritan Hospital Campus. Surgeries and procedures typically run on time and our staff works in cooperation with your physician. We offer free surface parking to our patients.

Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance plans cover surgery. Your coverage depends on your specific plan. Be sure to bring your insurance cards and any other forms from your physician when you visit the surgery center.


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